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Rodrigo Stabio

Leadership at the Wisconsin MBA

by Rodrigo Stabio, Class of 2019 Wednesday, May 23, 2018

The Wisconsin School of Business has tremendous opportunities to get involved, make a difference, and give back. I’d like to highlight a few things that have made my first-year experience extremely rewarding.

When talking about success, it has been said that showing up accounts for 80% of it. There are so many opportunities to get involved at Wisconsin that sometimes all it takes is to raise your hand. Taking advantage of leadership opportunities while on campus has helped me develop deeper relationships with my classmates. It has given me the opportunity to be involved in meaningful school projects, and allowed me to develop & strengthen both my collaboration skills and time management skills.

I currently serve as Vice President for the Graduate Business Association, Vice President for Joint Venture Club-Families, and Consortium Liaison. Not only have I learned about myself as a leader, but I have been able to impact my classmates’ MBA experiences through these roles. I have a wife and two young children, so taking on these roles require a high level of time management, but these leadership opportunities have given me the chance to grow outside of the classroom and are an integral part of my Wisconsin MBA.

Aside from the great opportunities to lead and get involved, I have really enjoyed the Leadership Symposium that is part of the curriculum between the two modules during each semester. During these weeks, we learned how to hone our storytelling skills and improve our presentations, manage our unconscious biases, lead non-profit boards, and many other useful topics that are beneficial to future business leaders. The school has done a tremendous job bringing in diverse speakers across industries to develop our soft skills.

The opportunities to lead and develop leadership opportunities are endless. I still have a lot to learn, but I feel that all the things I’ve been involved in have helped me grow and develop as a person and a future business leader.