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Why Wisconsin

by Emma Ebert, Class of 2019 Monday, April 23, 2018

How I knew the Wisconsin School of Business was right for me

Prior to business school, I worked various roles in retail and commercial banking since graduating from Florida State University in 2010. There is much to be learned on the job, but I was seeking to be taught by academics and industry experts to expand my knowledge and propel my career. The Wisconsin School of Business offers a unique specialization model that allows students to deep dive into their area of interest, setting the program apart from other top MBA schools. I knew within minutes of stepping foot inside Grainger Hall that this was the right school for me.

The people

Everyone always says “People in the Midwest are so nice!” I’d heard that numerous times before moving to Madison and realized very quickly that it is indeed true. The faculty, alumni, and current students genuinely want you to succeed here and that was evident to me upon my first interaction with the Admissions team. I attended an “MBA Preview Days” prior to committing to Wisconsin and after a short few days, the Admissions team knew my name and my story, which I felt was foretelling of the authentic nature of people here in Madison. My husband is active duty military which has required us to live in seven states in the last seven years and I have never experienced such sincerity as I have here in Madison and at the Wisconsin School of Business.

The specialization model

I came from a background in retail and commercial banking and knew that I wanted to remain in the finance/banking industry, so the specialization model of the full-time MBA program really resonated with me. I was drawn to the idea of diving deep into my area of interest and becoming an expert in that industry and believed that would set me apart from other candidates in general MBA programs. I also found it refreshing to know that you did not necessarily need a background in finance to be part of the Corporate Finance and Investment Banking specialization or a background in marketing to be part of the Brand and Product Management specialization. There are many students returning to graduate school to pivot in their career and the model at Wisconsin is conducive to those students as well.

The community

Lastly, Madison is an amazing city that I now call a “hidden gem of the US”. As mentioned, I have lived in many states and multiple countries and Madison is definitely one of the greatest places I’ve lived. After a weekend visit, I could tell it is a very active city filled with bike paths and running trails, restaurants, arts, sports, and truly has something for everyone. Whether you follow college football or not, the Badger spirit is infectious, and football season brings the entire community together!