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Andrew Eggum

Leadership at Wisconsin

by Andrew Eggum, Class of 2019 Tuesday, April 17, 2018

One of the distinct advantages of being part of a full-time MBA program like the one at the Wisconsin School of Business is the ability to make an impact on the community outside of the classroom. When I was exploring B-schools, the opportunities to take on leadership roles with student groups was a major factor. I have been fortunate to have been appointed to several leadership positions in areas which I have a particular passion.

As a Consortium fellow, I wanted a way to give back to the organization that helped fund my graduate experience. In addition, as someone who grew up in a biracial household in a diverse inner-city community, diversity and inclusion initiatives have always been something close to my heart. So, when the opportunity arose to apply to be a Consortium Liaison for the incoming class of 2020 I did not hesitate to pursue it. A classmate and I are partners in this endeavor and have planned events for the incoming students to prepare them for the Consortium OP recruiting conference in Orlando, Florida next summer. Additionally, we are responsible for encouraging fundraising for the Consortium from both current students and alumni.

Also aligned to my passion for diversity and inclusion, I won a student election to be the Vice President for the Diversity in Business student organization. In this role, I work with the DiB leadership team to organize lunch and learns, skills-based volunteering and panelists from the business community in an effort to increase knowledge and inclusion of different cultures on the WSB campus.

Finally, I also have the opportunity to serve as the Partners Vice President for the Joint Venture Club, which is an organization dedicated to including spouses, partners and children that have become part of the business school’s community. Through this organization, events like petting zoo visits, holiday parties and family-friendly adventures are organized. This is a great way to get outside of the WSB community a bit and meet folks that have made commitments much larger than just going back to school for two years.

Through these leadership opportunities, I have had a much richer experience at the Wisconsin School of Business. I feel that these experiences encourage a more well-rounded business leader that not only is intelligent in the classroom but also passionate about bettering the community through involvement. These roles offer a chance to make an impact that helps repay a community that will provide so much to students throughout their career, and the rewards are invaluable.