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Meredith Rolen, Class of 2018

"Expect More, Pay Less"

by Meredith Rolen, Class of 2018 Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Look around your home. Whether you are a millennial furnishing your first apartment, or a seasoned veteran of decorating your home, chances are that your floors, furniture, counter-tops, or closets are adorned with the semi-homemade accoutrements made in India by Devgiri Exports in Panipat and exported by RSP Sales on behalf of Target. We’ve all been combing the isles in our local Target, perusing the bathmats and trying to decide which one best matches our shower curtain. Most people don’t look further than the isle. But this past month in India, we had the opportunity to see firsthand exactly what goes in to getting those bathmats on to your tile floor.

Target factoryConsider the Target brand promise: “Expect more. Pay less.” Target aims to deliver ethically and responsibly sourced, high quality goods at a low price to its’ consumers. The Indian climate is perfect for helping Target accomplish these goals. A large population, few machines, and a desire for quality make for a perfect storm of handmade craftsmanship, at a low cost.

It starts with six Target designers in Atlanta working with designers in India to create designs that are differentiated in the market and on trend. From there, representatives work with manufacturers to ensure that the item is scalable and cost-effective. Devgiri Exports then manages the spinning, dyeing, weaving/tufting, finishing, packaging and shipping.

During our visit to the factory, we were able to see various stages of these processes. Most intriguing was the weaving and tufting process. The skill and craftsmanship of the men in the factory was unmatched. They quickly and methodically operated looms and sewing machines, creating mini masterpieces that would eventually adorn our homes. As part of the Good Weave Project, it was delightful to learn that Target was helping in the fight against child labor by exploring other supply chain solutions and adhering to high business standards.Target factory worker

After the weaving process, the products are sent through the rest of the supply chain until it lands in your local Target store, ensuring that when you finally decide on the perfect bath rug, you can “Expect more” and “Pay less”.