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Gina Jenkins

What Career Management Sees in Successful Brand and Product Managers

by Gina Jenkins Thursday, October 5, 2017

Students in the Wisconsin Full-Time MBA Program vary in academic, industry and functional experiences, and the Career Management Team aims to help students from all backgrounds know, show and grow their potential in their specialized field and represent themselves as leaders, even before graduation.  It is important for students in all specializations to demonstrate leadership, but for students trying to break into Brand and Product Management, we train our students towards the CBPM Success Indicators that have been developed and promoted by the Center for Brand and Product Management Advisory Board. They include:

  • Teamwork: Do you foster an inclusive work environment? Are you capable of managing dynamic projects and teams? Do you value and leverage your diverse work experience?
  • Leadership: Do you demonstrate courage in the decision-making process? Do you seek input from individuals across the organization?
  • Achievement: Do you consistently deliver results? Do you aggressively pursue goals and take initiative?
  • Communication: Do you use strong communication to deliver business decisions? Are you a good listener?
  • Critical Thinking: Are you able to distill complex issues? Do you demonstrate a multi-dimensional understanding of business drivers?
  • Personal Character: Do you take responsibility for blunders and achievements? Do you demonstrate compassion and empathy?
  • Passion for Brand Building and Management: Successful brand leaders passionately strive to solve consumer needs and problems and translate those needs, attitudes and emotions into actionable development for products and services.

If you think you have what it takes to be a leader in Brand and Product Management and want to find out more, send an email to the Admissions Team at