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3 Application tips: The Essays

by Jacquelyn Caldwell Thursday, September 14, 2017

The essay questions for the Fall 2018 Application are available both on the website and in the application.  The following tips are designed to help you think strategically about your essay responses and understand how the admissions committee uses them in the application review process.

  1. Answer the essay prompt. It may seem like common sense, but make sure you answer the essay prompt completely. Not only does it show attention to detail, but it also provides important information to the admissions team regarding your goals and how you hope to achieve them utilizing an MBA.
  2. Proofread! To check if your essay responses actually answer the original essay question, have multiple people proofread your writing. Have each person read your response and see if they can figure out the original question from your essay. If they can, you’ve answered the question in a way that is clear and concise.
  3. Take advantage of the recommended and/or optional essay. This is an opportunity for you to share additional information about yourself.  Use this to your advantage; highlight an accomplishment or share a unique experience in the recommended essays.  The optional essay is open-ended and allows you to fill in any gaps or share new information that would benefit the admissions committee.  

Do you still have questions about the essay section of the application? Send the Admissions Team an email at  Watch for more helpful application tips coming your way soon.