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De-Mystifying the Recommendation Section of the Application

by Jacquelyn Caldwell Wednesday, August 16, 2017

As you gather application materials, it’s important to pay attention to the recommendation section of the application. Each school will likely have a slightly different process for collecting this information, which can lead to confusion if you’re not careful. To make things easier for you, the Wisconsin MBA Admissions Team has compiled helpful tips for navigating the recommendation section of their application.

Find the Right Recommender. The admissions team suggests that the person you choose as your recommender knows you from a professional standpoint and can vouch for your work ethic in a professional or leadership role.  This could be a current or previous supervisor or manager, a colleague, or a vendor or client.  The title of your recommender is not a determining element of your admission to our program; however, a quality recommendation from someone who knows you well could be an influential factor.

Schedule a Conversation with Your Recommender. Once you identify your recommender, schedule a face-to-face conversation to discuss your interest in attending business school. Be well versed in the requirements for a recommender at each school you are applying to, and provide as much information about the application process as possible. This will allow your recommender to understand next steps and prepare for they part they will play in your application. 

Start an Application on September 1. On September 1, 2017 you are able to start an application for the Wisconsin MBA Class of 2020. Starting an application does not mean that you need to complete it on the same day, rather this gives you an opportunity to tackle the application requirements methodically.

Send the Recommendation Form ASAP. You are able to send the recommendation form to your recommender without submitting your application. In fact, the Admissions Team recommends that you send them the form as soon as you feel comfortable.  Giving your recommender ample time to complete the requirements will likely boost the quality of the recommendation. Remember that your application will NOT be reviewed until your recommendation is received, so the admissions team suggests that you give your recommender a deadline a couple weeks before the application needs to be completed.

If you are still looking for more information on the recommendation requirement, feel free to take a look at our website.  The admissions team welcomes inquiries, so if you have other questions on this requirement, send us an email at