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Gurbani Walia

Strategic Human Resource Management Students Showcase Consulting Skills in Capstone Project

by Gurbani Walia Thursday, April 13, 2017

As part of the Spring 2017 HR Capstone course, small student groups work with an organization to provide consultation services that address an internal need. My team and I worked with North Central Group (NCG), a hotel property management company, to update the performance management process for their employees. Our client wanted a process that would allow for continual feedback and include discussions about growth opportunities. The new process had to be both meaningful to the employee and efficient, as the meetings took time away from vital hotel operations. Over several months we held meetings with members of NCG's leadership team, reviewed internal data and resources, and conducted external, market research.

After gathering and analyzing all of this information we were able to make a recommendation to NCG. Our recommendation was to add quarterly meetings using a qualitative evaluation scale to their performance management process. Adding quarterly meetings will allow for frequent conversations with employees without overhauling the current system and subjecting the hourly workers to a drastic change. We provided the managers with training materials to familiarize them with the new system to encourage their adoption of our recommendation.

This project allowed us to further develop our individual capabilities while working toward a common goal. It was great to have the opportunity to apply our in-class knowledge to a hands-on project, improving our future success as HR professionals.