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Diego Hahn

The Benefits of the Specialization Model: A First Year's Perspective

by Diego Hahn Friday, March 24, 2017

An MBA from the University of Wisconsin-Madison has been very beneficial because it has provided me with the real-world experiences and opportunities that help me understand business in both a broad and a specific sense. The general management classes such as Financial Management and Operations Management have taught me about the many different aspects of a business, which are essential for me to know in order to effectively deliver actionable insights. I have also had the opportunity to work with individuals from many different specializations, both in class as well as on the semester-long integrated company analysis (ICA) project. The  ICA project in particular provided me with a variety of different perspectives and helped me hone my general management skills.   Working on a team that reflected the diversity of teams and individuals that I will work with in a future career was truly an amazing experience.

Having classes tailored to my specialization has allowed me to gain crucial knowledge and experiences in the field of marketing research. These experiences range from the qualitative analysis of various case studies and focus groups to the development of quantitative research techniques using statistical software programs like SPSS and R. I feel that this program has given me an edge over students from other programs because of the industry-specific knowledge that I have acquired.

Additionally, I get the opportunity to meet with top companies and top people in my field on a regular basis.  Being able to make these connections now is extremely valuable in an industry driven by networking.  Finally, this model is truly unique because of the relationships that it fosters within each specialization.  We have a supportive, family-like atmosphere and are consistently pushing each other to succeed.