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Susan Edwards

Nicholas Center Advisory Board Feedback Instrumental in Success of Consulting Projects

by Susan Edwards Monday, November 21, 2016
As always, I enjoyed attending the Nicholas Center for Corporate Finance and Investment Banking Advisory Board meeting. The meeting was a opportunity for students to receive feedback on consulting projects, network with board members and alumni, and build a sense of community. 

CFIB students have worked for week on our consulting projects, which are a key piece of our second year curriculum. After a while it is easy to assume that when we discuss our projects with “outsiders,” they know exactly what we are talking about. When we presented our consulting project to the Board, it helped my team recognize holes in our research and confusion in our presentation. 

Not only did I receive project feedback, but I also enjoyed networking and getting to know board members and alumni. Last year, one of the board members I met at an Advisory Board meeting connected me with recruiters in their firm and I ultimately received a job offer from that company. I know it would have been difficult to find those company contacts on my own. Networking at the meeting was beneficial but I really enjoyed getting to know  board members and alumni on a personal level. 

The University of Wisconsin-Madison Men's Football Game was the day after the meeting, so I invited a board member to the Graduate Business Association tailgate, and he attended! It was nice to see a board member in an informal atmosphere. Meeting in formal and informal environments helps build relationships with students. Also, it makes me feel more connected to Madison, the university, and CFIB. 

I appreciate the Advisory Board meeting for so many things. The interactions help me learn more about the business world, build a network of professionals, and, the desire to participate as an Advisory Board Member in the future.