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Elizabeth A. Davis

New Early Decision Application Deadlines for the Class of 2019

by Elizabeth Davis Friday, July 8, 2016

In addition to some new essay questions on the application the Admissions Team has updated the application deadlines for the Class of 2019. One change will be the addition of the Early Decision Deadline. Slotted for September 28, 2016, this deadline will be here sooner than you think. Anticipating some questions from applicants, we have put together a short FAQ to help you navigate this change.

What is the early decision deadline? The early decision application deadline allows candidates to accelerate their admissions process for the Wisconsin MBA Program. Candidates who apply on or before September 28, 2016 will learn of their admissions decision by November 1, 2016.

Who should apply? Candidates who are committed to the Wisconsin MBA, meaning we are their top school choice, should apply during this application deadline. If you are admitted and choose to accept your offer of admission you will need to do so on or before January 2, 2017. Additionally, we will ask that you withdraw your application for consideration at other schools you may have applied to.

Will there be a number of seats in the class set aside for the early decision deadline? No. As with all of our application deadlines, we want to admit competitive candidates. If that candidate applies in the early decision deadline, we will admit them.

If I apply for early decision and am admitted, am I required to attend? Well, I hope you will want to attend the Wisconsin MBA Program, but it is not a binding contract. The choice is always yours as to whether or not you accept your offer of admission. As we give you an early decision on your candidacy, however, we expect you to give us an earlier decision on your acceptance. This is why these admitted students will have an earlier enrollment deposit date. Otherwise, you may want to consider the November 2, 2016 or January 11, 2017 deadlines.

Wisconsin is my #1 choice for an MBA, but my application will be rushed if I apply for the early decision deadline. Should I hurry to get everything done? No, don’t rush it. If you feel like you can put together the most competitive application possible and have this completed by September 28, 2016, then please apply. There are aspects of the application that you can work on before the application goes live in early September. Essay questions, studying for and taking the GMAT, and preparing your recommenders for the recommendation forms can all be done over the next few months. If you do not feel like this is possible, it is not in your best interest to rush your timetable. Candidates who are denied in the early decision deadline will have to wait until Fall 2017 to apply for the next incoming class. They are not able to apply for a later application deadline.

When does the application open for The Class of 2019? The application will be ready for you in early September.  We encourage you to create your account right away so that you can methodically work on your application. You can access your account as often as you like before clicking “submit” on your application.

Pro Tip: start your application early so you can send your recommender the Wisconsin MBA recommendation form. Your recommender must complete and submit this form in order for your application to be considered complete and move through the review process. Therefore, they must submit the recommendation form before or on the application deadline. Give them enough time to write thoughtful answers to our questions.

To view all application requirements and deadlines, please see our website here. Questions about the new application deadlines? Feel free to email the admissions team at