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Natalie Randall

My New Appreciation for TAs

by Natalie Randall Monday, April 25, 2016
This semester I had the fortunate opportunity to become a Teaching Assistant for an undergraduate marketing course here at UW. One of the many great aspects of the MBA program here at Wisconsin is that they give you the chance to apply for scholarships, teaching positions and other jobs to cover your tuition. Not only is this helpful in minimizing your long term student debt, but it’s also a great way to develop new skills.

After teaching my discussion sections for a few months now, I have a whole new appreciation for professors, lecturers and TAs. For example, each week TAs lead a number of discussion sections and are tasked with presenting content, guiding class conversations, and answering questions from students. Not only do we as TAs need to be skillful in creating and presenting PowerPoint presentations, we need to have the confidence and know-how to be able to encourage active participation throughout as well.

Another benefit to being a TA for an undergraduate marketing course is that we get to continually refresh our marketing jargon and use real life examples from previous jobs/internships to bring the material to life. For me, this is a great way to reinforce what I’ve learned throughout school and my career in marketing as well.

Lastly, being a TA for me is another way to give back to the school and “pay it forward.” I’ve had an amazing experience here over the last few years pursuing my MBA and I love that I can help guide and hopefully inspire future marketers or business people. It’s so fun helping the students learn more about the field and teach them some of the great things I’ve learned here at UW. The leadership, coaching and problem solving skills that have I further developed while being a TA will definitely be used in my future endeavors!