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Shaun Kane

With Many Offers, How Does One Choose an Internship?

by Shaun Kane Monday, April 18, 2016

Throughout the recruiting season, I found myself reevaluating companies every day.  From the information sessions held on campus, to informal conversations with alumni at these companies; the amount of information available was overwhelming.  Coming into the program, I knew I wanted an internship to develop my qualitative marketing research skills.  What I didn’t know, was how different each company’s approach to qualitative marketing research would be. 

With over ten companies recruiting for marketing research intern positions, it was important to reflect on what has been important in previous jobs.  Throughout the interview process, I evaluated companies based on five important criteria; employee / recruiter personality, company prestige, ease of the interviewing process, potential full-time position, and location.  Each of these factors shifted in importance based on my day, most recent interaction with the company, or some other random externality. 

After the interview process, the actual internship selection was a process of weighing the five criteria for each of the three companies I received offers from.  Going into the process, I thought a full-time position was an absolute must-have.  In the end, a full-time offer was a non-factor as other criteria continually differentiated the three companies.  One company had an amazing personality, another had a tedious interview process.  All three were in different cities. 

My final decision was made well before I even acknowledged it.  I looked back on times when I have had the best work-life balance and had the highest job satisfaction.  The common thing among those times was personality / fit with coworkers.  That pushed the personality criteria to the top of the list, and there was a clear winner in that category.  Once I recognized that, my mind finally caught up with my gut decision.