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David Elster

What I am Most Looking Forward to at PepsiCo

by David Elster Monday, March 28, 2016

In just three short months, I will be starting my summer internship at PepsiCo’s Chicago office working in consumer insights. In the meantime, I am eagerly waiting to hear which of PepsiCo’s three Chicago-based brands I will be working for: Quaker, Tropicana, or Gatorade. These brands were staples in my household growing up, and have a clear presence in my pantry to this day. Because of this, at a personal level, I am extremely curious and excited to see what happens behind the scenes. For example, I am interested in seeing what blend of business decisions, marketing tactics, and marketing research methodologies lead to my decisions to purchase Quaker, Tropicana, or Gatorade.

Besides the attraction of the brands that I will have the opportunity to work on, I was originally drawn to PepsiCo because of the creative culture that is promoted throughout the company. More specifically, PepsiCo’s leadership motivates employees to come to work with an entrepreneurial spirit, which breeds superior innovation, critical-thinking, and continuous improvement.

As a future intern, I am thrilled to see which brand I will be working on, how PepsiCo’s entrepreneurial culture is incorporated in its consumer insights division, and the unique value I will be able to add to PepsiCo as a Wisconsin MBA!