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Allison Briggs

My MBA Program Family

by Allison Briggs Monday, February 22, 2016

I didn’t know what to expect when I started my MBA program at Wisconsin. I knew I would meet new people and learn new things, but I didn’t expect to develop the close connections and network of friends and support that I already feel I have after the 1 semester+ I have been here. The program is big enough to offer diversity in my fellow students who I have already learned a lot from, but small enough to get to know everyone and develop some close connections. There are two main areas that stand out to me about the Wisconsin MBA program that have helped me feel like I’m at home:

  1. Support system – Everyone at WSOB is here to learn, but it doesn’t come at the expense of other people in the program. Instead of being cut-throat, I have found that any time I am struggling with course material (or anything for that matter) there is always someone who is willing to help out. I have some great study groups both within my specialty and outside of it.
  2. Social atmosphere – The Wisconsin MBA program really is a community. We do a lot of social things together – whether it is social events sponsored by Graduate Business Association (tailgates, Spring Ball, Halloween parties, etc.) or just casual get-togethers hosted by someone in the program. There is always someone to go grab dinner or just hang out with. It felt like home right from the beginning. 

While I have already learned a lot in my classes, I know that in addition to the knowledge and skills I’ve gained, I’ll also take away from my 2 years here more than just a diploma – I’ll take away a network of awesome friends and some great memories.