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Shelley Watkins

Where Leadership Aligns with a Passion for Diversity

by Shelley Watkins Wednesday, December 9, 2015

At the Wisconsin School of Business there are numerous student organizations available for students to participate in and devote their precious time. Leadership positions allow students to take a ‘hands-on’ approach to advancing the missions of the various organizations, while continuously developing their leadership skills. MBA students have an opportunity to be elected into leadership positions in the fall semester of their first year in the program. Board positions are typically held for one year, starting in the spring semester and continuing through the fall.

The Wisconsin School of Business Diversity in Business Club (DiB) is dedicated to building diverse and inclusive business environments by creating well-rounded, socially and culturally conscious Leaders of Tomorrow! As co-president of the DiB Club, I committed my time to further developing and building upon the mission. Over the past year the DiB Board worked to develop events that would provide students with an opportunity to discuss valid issues in the workplace. In addition to hosting fun social events, DiB hosted roundtable discussions that provided an opportunity for students to explore various workplace conflicts and discuss their responses to the situation as an ally. Diversity in Business is open to all students in the MBA program and continuously seeks to explore new ways to incorporate common workplace scenarios into the MBA experience as we prepare to participate in, and lead diverse teams in our careers.

Participation in Diversity in Business has been a wonderful experience for me as I not only advanced my leadership skills, but I connected with individuals who are also dedicated to building diverse working environments through the development of culturally conscious leaders in the Wisconsin School of Business MBA program.