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Elizabeth A. Davis

What happens after you submit your application?

by Elizabeth Davis Monday, November 30, 2015
We know that you’ve put a lot of time and energy into your application, and appreciate the thoughtfulness with which you’ve prepared the various aspects of your application. Additionally, we know that waiting to hear your final admissions decision can cause a great deal of anxiety. Therefore, I want to give you a behind the scenes look at what happens to your application after submission. 

1.       Your application is ready for review

The first thing we do after you’ve submitted your application is to go through and make sure that all aspects of the application are complete. If, for example, your recommender has not completed their recommendation this will be shared with you. If all aspects of your application are complete your application will be moved to the review process, at which time you will receive an email notification.

2.       Application reviews

After starting the review process, your application will be read by two people on the admissions committee. We will read through your entire file and make notes on what kinds of experiences and skills you can bring to the Class of 2018. Please note that the admissions committee is always looking for reasons to admit you, and views your application in this light. The two admissions committee members will make independent decisions on your application.

3.       Offer to interview

Should both admissions committee reviewers feel that you are a strong applicant for the Wisconsin MBA an interview offer will be extended. Due to the number of applications we receive and the amount of discussion we have about your application, you can hear about your interview offer up until the stated decision notification deadline. Please do not be anxious if you don’t learn of your interview decision right away - we spend a lot of time reviewing your application and discussing your candidacy.

4.       The Interview

The interview is an important part of the application process. For our program specifically, we want to hear about your motivations for going back to school and learn how this will impact your career. Additionally, if we have any questions about your application we will likely ask for clarification during the interview. Please remember, this is also an opportunity for you to do some information gathering! Please don’t hesitate to ask the questions most important to you- the admissions committee wants to be a resource for you as you move forward with your MBA decision making process.

5.       The Admissions Committee Meeting

After the interview has been completed, the admissions committee will meet to discuss the merits of your application. Sometimes the discussions are rather short because a candidate is a clear admit, and sometimes they are longer as we come to a consensus. We will eventually come to a final decision as a team and continue building our Class of 2018!

6.       Your Decision

All applicants to the Wisconsin MBA will receive an admissions decision on the stated notification deadline. Hopefully, you’ll have some exciting news waiting for you in your inbox!

I hope this article sheds some light on what happens as you wait for your admissions decision. One thing I hope you take away is that we do spend a lot of time on your application and try as best we can to get to know you as a potential business leader. Ready to begin your Wisconsin MBA application?

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