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Jose Garcia

Alumni and You: Working Together for Future Success

by Jose Garcia Tuesday, November 24, 2015

An alumni once told me how “Wisconsin was hands down the best choice” for him during a Wisconsin School of Business informational event in downtown Chicago. I decided early on that alumni would be my first point of contact when researching business schools – they had been through the process at their respective schools, they could speak to their school culture, and they could give me stronger, unbiased feedback compared to current students and current staff/faculty. I took this particular alumni’s passion for Wisconsin at face value and planned my own visit to learn more about what the Wisconsin School of Business had to offer. Little did I know that visit would be the beginning of my MBA career at UW.

In addition to achieving academic success while in business school (alas, you will not reap the benefits of an MBA if you do not graduate!), developing relationships with colleagues and alumni can be integral to future professional endeavors. I have found the Wisconsin School of Business’ alumni network to be strong, reliable, and, above all, extremely supportive. I had the opportunity to connect with various alumni prior to coming to Wisconsin – I learned what was in store for me as a first year student and how to mentally prepare for the transition from the “real” world back to a school setting. Furthermore, I began receiving calls and messages from several alumni during my first few weeks seeking to learn more about me and make themselves available for any questions I may have or help I might need. The alumni have proven to be an important resource not just to me, but to all of my classmates as well. Their eagerness to review my resume, prep me for interviews, provide career advice, or simply lend an ear when any concerns arise has played a large role in making me feel like a part of the Wisconsin School of Business family.

The Wisconsin School of Business prides itself on many things, but I have found its alumni network to be invaluable. I am excited to know that the connections I have made will only continue to grow, long after I graduate. I believe the school culture that has been fostered here is the motivating factor that keeps alumni helping the next wave of future business leaders year after year. If you are interested in learning more, I invite you to visit Wisconsin to see for yourself. After all, I can now say that Wisconsin has been hands down the best choice for me.