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Brandon Drew Shields

4 Reasons Why The Wisconsin MBA is a Strong Choice for Veterans

by Brandon Drew Shields Monday, November 23, 2015

As a Veteran, you have work experience and leadership skills that are coveted by today’s top companies.  Pairing that with an MBA can put you on a trajectory towards the highest levels of leadership in corporate America.  The Wisconsin MBA has a unique program that can make your transition out of the military and back to civilian life rewarding both personally and professionally especially for the 4 reasons below.

1.) Our culture is one that aligns with the some of the core values that guided your military career. 

At the Wisconsin School of Business we aspire to be “Trustworthy, Progressive, Inspiring, and Collaborative.”   I truly believe that the students and the school embody those four pillars fostering an environment where people treat each other with respect, and strive to help each other succeed.  When we graduate we aim to make the companies that we work for better places and to have positive impacts on our communities. 

The nation placed its trust in you to lead its sons and daughters and surely you used some progressive tactics to solve many challenging problems.  Have you ever had to function as part of a collaborative unit to accomplish a mission or use your leadership skills to inspire troops?  If so, then you are already familiar with the culture at the Wisconsin School of Business.

2.)  Our specialization model allows you to maximize your previous experiences in the military and provide a focused and established path to your desired civilian career. 

We offer ten career specializations ranging from Finance to the Arts, and everything in between. Supply Chain Management, Operations and Technology Management, and Brand and Product Management are three specializations in particular that draw on your logistical knowledge, operational planning experiences, and leadership abilities. However, the great thing about the specializations is that you now have the opportunity to make a complete career switch by choosing any specialization that aligns with your future goals and you are not limited by your past experiences and can instead use those experiences to enhance your education.

If you’re reading this article you’re now at the point where you are ready to transition into a new career. If you have an idea of what that career can be then the specializations provide you the structure to achieve those specific goals.

3.)  Here at the Wisconsin School of Business we are committed to recruiting military veterans.

We value the unique experiences that you can bring to the classroom and are working to ensure that veterans are an integral part of our community.  

We are one of five schools who partner with and have also been recognized by Graduate Management Admissions Council as a Military Friendly School.

Additionally, the Wisconsin MBA is very affordable for qualifying veterans.  We offer waived application fees, acceptance of all applicable GI-Bills, participation in the Yellow Ribbon Program, are compliant with the Veteran’s Choice Act and offer Merit-based financial aid.

4.) Once you arrive we continue to support our Veterans

The University of Wisconsin and the Wisconsin MBA are committed to your success once you arrive on campus.  The Veteran Services & Military Assistance Center is there to help you understand and use your benefits, serves as a link to other veterans in the University and can serve as advocates for Veterans within the university.  When it comes to your career, one of our career coaches, Nichole Monzon has a military background and can help you translate your experiences in the military and teach you how to communicate them in a corporate interview setting.

From one Veteran to another, I encourage you to take a look at the Wisconsin School of Business and our full time MBA.  I am honored to have had the chance to serve my country and I know that pairing my past experiences with a top tier business education will enable me to reach all of my future career goals.