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Julio Angeles

The Consortium: Why it May be Right for You

by Julio Angeles Tuesday, October 20, 2015

If you have decided to pursue an MBA degree and are in the process of evaluating business schools, then by this point you have probably noticed that any successful program will offer you a healthy mix of immersive learning, networking/recruitment opportunities, leadership development, a great facility for all of this to take place in, and a diverse environment to nurture your personal and professional growth. If you value that last point, you should know that eighteen institutions have demonstrated a strong commitment to diversity by joining The Consortium for Graduate Study in Management, the University of Wisconsin-Madison having done so in 1966 as a founding member.

The Consortium’s mission, along with its partner institutions, is to increase representation of African Americans, Hispanic Americans and Native Americans in American business schools and corporate management. If you have promoted diversity in your school, community, or workplace and wish to contribute to The Consortium’s mission, then I highly encourage you to apply.

The first benefit to applying through The Consortium is a time and money saving common application that will allow you to apply to up to six leading MBA programs. Your application to the Consortium is then evaluated by the organization’s staff, which works independently from the member schools. Each school that you choose to apply to will also undergo their normal admissions review process using their pre-determined criteria, and make their independent determination of admission.

If you are offered membership to The Consortium and admission to one of the member schools, you are also eligible for a merit-based full-tuition fellowship at the discretion of the school offering you admission. Beyond the time and money saving benefits, you get to become a member of a vast network of professionals comprised of Consortium alumni and partners from the 70-plus corporate partners. The benefits of being in this network are demonstrated in full swing at the exclusive annual Orientation Program & Career Forum, a conference during which many incoming students find internships before they even set foot on their respective campus. 

You can visit the Consortium’s web page to find more details about the application process. To learn more about the benefits of being a Consortium student at the Wisconsin School of Business, read my follow-up post: Life as a Wisconsin Consortium MBA Student.