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Julio Angeles

Life as a Wisconsin Consortium MBA Student

by Julio Angeles Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The University of Wisconsin-Madison has recognized the importance of diversity and inclusion since 1966 when together with a team of respected educators, business managers, community leaders, and two other institutions it formed The Consortium for Graduate Study in Management. You know that the issue continues to be important to the Wisconsin School of Business because you can see it emphasized in the curriculum, in the programming, and in the way that faculty and staff talk about and take action with diversity in mind. The school’s continued participation in recruiting an annual Consortium class is paramount to ensuring that the student body benefits from a wide array of experiences based on diverse ethnic, social, economic, gender, and professional backgrounds to name a few.

In addition to the benefits of being a member of The Consortium, as described in my previous blog post: The Consortium: Why it May be Right for You, if you are fortunate enough to gain admission as a Consortium Fellow at the Wisconsin School of Business you gain additional benefits that have the potential to be life changing. All our Consortium admits have the great fortune of receiving a Project Assistant appointment, which provides a sort of “work-study” job during your MBA experience. In return for their PA work, students receive full-tuition remission along with healthcare benefits and a monthly stipend.

One thing the Wisconsin Consortium group prides itself in is the level of preparation our students show during the annual Consortium Orientation Program & Career Forum. Soon after the admission decisions are finalized and our incoming class is set, students and faculty spring into action to start preparing the new class for the challenges to come. The preparation culminates with an OP Boot camp, which we hold in advance of our Admitted Students Weekend. The interview training continues throughout the summer leading up to the Orientation Program, where our students get to use their finely tuned skills to interview for and in many cases come back with internship offers.

Of course membership to The Consortium is not one-sided. Students are recruited because of a demonstrated commitment to diversity and as such as expected to be high performing and contributing members to their broader MBA class. Once on campus, Wisconsin Consortium Fellows typically become involved in various activities that enhance the MBA experience as a whole. Our students go on to be great classroom contributors, club and organization leaders, servers to the greater Madison community, and most importantly, valuable team members for their fellow classmates.

The opportunity to be a Consortium Fellow at the University of Wisconsin-Madison has been life-changing for a countless amount of people, including myself. If you strongly believe in the importance of diversity and inclusion, and are looking for a strong MBA program to attend, the Wisconsin School of Business and the Consortium need to be on your list.