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Julio Angeles

The Badger Alumni Network is Strong at Procter & Gamble

Monday, June 29, 2015

One of the greatest strengths of the Wisconsin MBA program is not easy to understand or appreciate as a prospective or incoming student. It takes being a member of the Badger Network to understand how expansive the group really is. Our great alumni base has been instrumental in making my first four weeks at Procter & Gamble a tremendous success and I know that with their help, I will continue to have a successful summer.

Almost 11 months ago, before school started and before I had a chance to benefit from our great career services coaching, I applied to P&G’s Brand Camp. In retrospect, that was probably a bad idea as I was massively unprepared for the challenge. Luckily the P&G Badger Network was on top of their game and quickly reached out to me to offer help. Before my official interview, I had the opportunity to mock with a couple of alumni. By the time the official interview rolled along, I knew what to expect and felt comfortable fielding the onslaught of C.A.R. questions.

Three weeks ago, when I started my internship with the Charmin Brand Team in Cincinnati I knew that I was heading into a place with a strong Wisconsin Alumni base. It was no surprise that on my very first day of work there was a red gift basket full of P&G products waiting on my desk, along with a note from the Wisconsin team, each member offering help whenever I needed it. This came as no surprise to me. I had met most Badgers during my brand camp experience, the Center for Brand and Product Management’s applied learning trip to Cincinnati, and during on-campus recruitment. This kind of attention and mentoring is something I have come to expect, appreciate, and welcome with open arms. 

I have already benefited from several phone conversations, one-on-one meetings and happy hours with our great alumni. In my first four weeks here at P&G I have learned that an intern does not have to reinvent the wheel to deliver a good project. Most of the answers to the problem you have diagnosed have already been found, and lie somewhere in the memory files of various members of the organization. When you have such a helpful network of alumni to back you up, finding team members with the proper data and answers becomes much easier. As I prepare for my midpoint presentation next week, I am already thinking about how I am going to leverage my Badger Network for practice, advice, and tips on how to exceed expectations on my deliverables. I have no doubt that my classmates are benefiting in the same way from alumni at their respective summer organizations, and I look forward to meeting up in Grainger Hall this fall to exchange notes on all the great things we accomplish.