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Lefei Sun

Industry Conference Reaffirms Academics

by Frank Sun Monday, May 11, 2015

RIMS conference is an annual opportunity for all risk management professionals to assemble, connect, and discuss how to improve the industry together. When I was in China, RIMS was an event that only the top management of a company could attend. Thanks to generous donations from our outstanding alumni and the Wisconsin RIMS Chapter, my classmates and I were given the great chance to attend RIMS in New Orleans this year.

For myself, the most exciting moment during RIMS conference was attending the executive forum, in which the panel members were all c-suite industrial leaders from insurance companies and brokerages. The most frequently discussed topics during the forum were insurance industry globalization, big data and cyber risks – which are exactly the fields that I started to focus on since I joined the RMI program at the Wisconsin School of Business. These are growing areas and the discussions reaffirmed that I was on the right career path.

Another exciting moment for me was when I realized just how much I have learned from Wisconsin School of Business is being implemented broadly throughout the industry. For example, at Marsh and Willis’ booths in the exhibition hall, I was presented with the most cutting-edge risk analytical software that now being used by these two brokers in their multinational business. From their presentations, I discovered that the technology cores of the software were exactly the knowledge that we received from Professor Leverty’s risk modeling class, such as loss distribution analysis, value at risk and stochastic simulation. With no doubts, the knowledge from Wisconsin School of Business’s outstanding curriculum will keep us in a highly competitive position during our professional career.