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Jacob Hanebutt

Preparing for a Career in Consulting with the Wisconsin MBA

by Jacob Hanebutt Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The Nicholas Center for Corporate Finance and Investment banking is a diverse group with respect to career aspirations. While many choose to enter corporate finance upon graduation, others choose investment banking or consulting. In order to help aid those who desire to enter consulting, the Nicholas Center and the Wisconsin MBA program provide support.

When interviewing for any consulting position, one will face both behavioral and case interviews. The MBA Career Management Center and the Nicholas Center both have workshops and mock interviews for behavioral interviews. In particular, during orientation the Nicholas Center conducts mock interviews with recent alumni in different fields. These workshops have been immensely helpful in preparing me for my behavioral interviews, specifically identifying strengths and addresses growth areas.

In addition, the Wisconsin MBA program provides support in preparing for case interviews. In September David Ohrvall, case interview trainer and author of Crack the Case, conducted a three-hour case preparation workshop. This workshop provided a great overview of case interviews, how to establish a successful case framework, and how to stand out from other candidates. Ohrvall annually visits UW-Madison in the fall, so I look forward to attending his workshop next year to strengthen my skills. In addition to the Ohrvall case workshop, the MBA Consulting Club conducts multiple case preparation workshops, providing a place to practice cases with other students, review new case formats, and watch other students solve case problems. I’ve attended many of these workshops and have improved my skills. In addition the MBA Consulting Club is a great place to interact with other students interested in consulting.

Overall, the Wisconsin MBA, and in particular CFIB, provides a great opportunity for those interested in consulting. Through their consulting focused preparation, their students are ready for consulting internship interviews. In addition, CFIB provides many skills that consulting firms are looking for, particularly skills related to practical quantitative analysis.

During the internship interview process, I found that I was well prepared for consulting interviews, especially case interviews. As well, my CFIB education gave me a leg up on other candidates, since I am trained to do financial valuations and acquisition analysis for any clients looking to identify acquisition candidates. As a result of the help from CFIB, the Wisconsin MBA Program Office, and the MBA Consulting Club, I will spend my summer interning as a Strategy Consultant for the healthcare industry.