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Nichole Monzon

Developing Your Personal Brand

by Nichole Monzon Friday, February 27, 2015

Your personal brand helps communicate why you are unique and what your qualities are- your brand (or image) is very important in your career development, especially when you are aspiring to the next level.

Everyone has a personal brand, whether you realize it or not. Your brand includes the things you are known for, what people come to you for guidance on, and your general reputation as a friend, coworker, and professional. The challenge is to honestly evaluate your past experiences and future potential in order to develop your brand in a way to advance your personal and professional goals. When you attend business school, you become associated with that school professionally and socially- and it becomes another part of your brand. We want you to bring your unique background, passions, and hopes for the future to the Wisconsin MBA!

How can you differentiate yourself from the other MBA candidates seeking employment? How will you stand out from professionals already in your industry?

Finding and developing your brand can take a little bit of time and self-reflection, but will help you understand how you are perceived and how you can project the best version of yourself.

Foundation of your brand:

  1. Find out what people admire or love most about you- you can look through your past performance reports and see what supervisors have said about your work, or ask your references what they would highlight about your work/personality.
  2. Think about what you are most proud of, or most passionate about- what do you want to be known for?
  3. Take self-assessments and personality inventories to help you uncover your own self-understanding. This allows you put your work preferences and communication style into perspective.

As you grow your network, your goal is to have a consistent message about your work, style, and professionalism.

How to improve and build your brand:

  1. Be consistent in your image- your social media presence should be a positive reflection of you, along with your résumé, wardrobe, even how you correspond with others (letters, emails, articles, etc.).
  2. Think about what you want your impact on the world to be, then work toward it. What will be your legacy? Work and volunteer in areas where you feel empowered to make a difference.
  3. Protect your brand by being deliberate and selective on what you do, say, and project to others. Everyone you meet is a networking opportunity, and you should always put your best foot forward. Consistency equals reliability- both in your work and personal time.

Would you like guidance when developing your personal brand? Do you live near Chicago, Illinois? Please join us for a personal branding workshop facilitated by the Wisconsin MBA Career Management Center followed by a reception with current students, alumni, and admissions representatives. Visit our website to register today!