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Elizabeth A. Davis

Five Benefits of the Wisconsin Specialization Model

by Elizabeth Davis Wednesday, December 17, 2014

A common question I'm asked is, “What sets the Wisconsin MBA apart from other top MBA programs?” While I could talk about the great jobs that our students get after graduation or the strong Wisconsin Alumni network, neither of these would be so impressive without our specialization model. If you’re just now hearing about it you may have some questions about what this is and how it works to your benefit. For that very reason I've devised this list of five key takeaways about the Wisconsin MBA's specialization model.

 1. Know the Basics

The Wisconsin MBA’s specialization model integrates critical management knowledge with specialized career preparation to produce business leaders who can add value to their companies from day one. How is this done? The answer is simple- through combining core MBA courses in finance, marketing, and other subjects with specialization focused coursework from your first day in the program.

 2. Prepare for Your Future Job 

The Wisconsin MBA has ten areas of specialization and each of them offers an intense curriculum that combines classroom learning with opportunities to apply this knowledge to real-world business problems. Every specialization has specific days out of the semester that are dedicated to applied learning, or projects that require real deliverables that make a difference to real companies. One example of this can be seen with our Applied Securities Analysis MBA students who manage an active portfolio of funds valued over $62 million in assets. Students are able to take these experiences and apply them during their internship experience, utilize them to answer questions during interviews, or build off of them in their jobs post-graduation.

3.   3. Look Ahead

Our program looks for applicants who have an idea of what industry they want to be in, and an understanding of what their career could look like. For these applicants the Wisconsin MBA is a natural fit as they've had an opportunity to reflect on their professional experience and decide to either stay in the same industry, or utilize an MBA to switch careers.

4.   4. Your Career is at the Forefront

Because Wisconsin MBA students have training unique among MBA programs, our corporate partners continue to recruit students on campus year after year for internship and full-time offers. Over 90% of our graduates receive job offers prior to graduation, and close to 100% of first year students secure internships in the summer between their first and second year in the program

 5. Not sure? Let’s Chat!

What happens if you are just beginning your MBA search and aren't sure which specialization will fit your future goals best? Or if you’re having a hard time deciding between two specializations you are equally interested in? You are always welcome to reach out to a member of the admissions team to talk about your experiences and to help identify what specializations could fit you best.

Prospective students who are able to identify clear career objectives from the onset of an MBA program are better positioned to reach their ultimate goals. The Wisconsin MBA helps these individuals reflect on what these goals can be and offers a tried and true path to get there. Have questions about the specialization model? Feel free to reach out to our admissions team at