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Elizabeth A. Davis

A Focused Approach to Career Advancement

by Elizabeth Davis Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Before applying to MBA programs it is important to think about how the experience will impact your personal and professional goals. The Wisconsin MBA Career Management Center knows that each of our students has a unique professional background and a focused view on their future career. As a result, the Wisconsin MBA has a comprehensive career management strategy that begins preparing our students for success before they even step foot on campus.

Through an intensive career preparation program, Wisconsin MBAs start their academic journey by preparing for the internship search. Over the summer leading up to their first semester at The Wisconsin School of Business, our students work with their career coach to polish their resumes and complete career skills mapping. This career coach works with the student throughout their two years in the Wisconsin MBA to further identify their career goals and aspirations, and create a comprehensive plan to reach them. The Career Management Center works with first year students to prepare for their internship searches and, as a result, has close to 100% internship placement each year.

The combined might of the career management team and the ten knowledge centers provide many opportunities for Wisconsin MBAs to engage with professionals from many career fields. Each center has a director with fifteen to twenty years of industry experience as well as an advisory board that interacts with students on a regular basis. The combination of the two presents many opportunities for our students to hone concentration specific skills and gain exposure to industry professionals. Through on-campus interviews, corporate information sessions, a curricular and co-curricular leadership development program, and the strong alumni network of over 350,000 Badgers and 40,000 Business Badgers, our Wisconsin MBAs are able to build a powerful network that is committed to their professional journey.

Choosing an MBA program that can help you reach your goals is very important. The Wisconsin MBA is devoted to helping each student find the right job and the right company with the right fit. Visit our Career Management Center webpage to learn more about how the Wisconsin MBA can help you reach your goals, and meet some of the people who will help you with your journey.