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Elizabeth A. Davis

The Application is Live

by Elizabeth A. Davis Wednesday, August 27, 2014

While summer is typically a time of relaxation, the Wisconsin MBA Admissions team has been busy gearing up for the next application cycle. Whether it’s meeting with prospective students on campus, answering emails, or traveling to events across the United States, our team has been preparing for the next year with vigor. That being said, it is important to note two distinct changes in the Wisconsin Full-Time MBA Application.

The Wisconsin MBA application will now require only one essay instead of two. The essay question is as follows:

Explain why you are interested in pursuing your MBA at this point in your life. Specifically, explain how your chosen career specialization aligns with your short-term and long-term career goals.

The purpose of this essay question is to ascertain what motivates you, the applicant, to apply. Our admissions team is curious to know why you are interested in an MBA, why a Wisconsin MBA education is right for you, and why now is the opportune time to apply. Taking two years to dive into an intensive, specialized program is no easy task, and being able to express these desires clearly and concisely in your essay will be very important. Our team is excited to hear your story and gauge how you process your personal and professional experiences.

The Wisconsin MBA now only requires one recommendation with a maximum of two. The Admissions Team suggests selecting references that are qualified to evaluate your potential as a business leader or manager on the emailed recommendation form. Professional recommendations are strongly preferred as they will have both a strong understanding of your abilities, and examples of what you’ve accomplished in your role. Please note that recommendation letters are not required from your references, however if they are eager to write one there is space in the recommendation form to upload the document.

Besides those two changes the rest of the application requirements remain the same. Applicants are still required to complete the online application form, provide the necessary standardized test scores, transcripts, and a current, sequential résumé of educational and professional accomplishments.

With the online application open on September 2, 2014, and students back on campus it’s a very exciting time of year for the Wisconsin MBA Program. The Admissions Team encourages applicants to visit them on the road at various recruitment events and on campus.  To view our full calendar of events or schedule a visit, please visit the Admissions Events and Visits webpage. Lastly, apply today for the Wisconsin MBA Class of 2017! For more information regarding application requirements, please visit our website