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Kimmie Miescher

My First Impressions of the Wisconsin School of Business

by Kimmie Miescher Thursday, October 17, 2013

In case you don’t know me, here’s a little background: I’m a first year student in the Center for Brand and Product Management in the full time Wisconsin MBA program. I completed my bachelor’s degree at UW majoring in marketing and economics. Prior to coming back to Wisconsin, I was working at United Airlines in the Pricing and Revenue Management department and was responsible for Trans-Atlantic routes. I’ve been back in Madison for eight weeks now.

Before starting the program, I heard from numerous people that this first semester was going to be very, very busy. I’m a pretty low-stress individual so I kind of brushed this off and thought maybe all these people were just exaggerating. Turns out they weren’t. These first two months have been packed full of all different kinds of activities and events. While it has been non-stop, it has been very enjoyable and an excellent lesson in prioritization. As I look through my calendar I’ve noticed the last couple weeks of October look pretty terrifying. If I make it to November I must be doing something right.

One aspect that I’ve been very impressed with so far is how willing everyone is to help me. In our data to decisions class whenever I’ve mentioned I don’t know how to do something someone next to me will always show me how. Likewise, when I said I didn’t know how to do a problem on our practice finance exam, a teammate of mine was willing to walk me through it. These are my peers, people I could be competing with over jobs, so I find this kind collaboration to be especially remarkable.

In addition to the support from my peers, the support I have from the faculty, staff, and 2nd year students is also impressive. There are so many resources available to us as first years and all of these people are working to ensure we take advantage of them. It’s pretty inspiring to think second years are devoting a couple hours a week of their time to help us prepare for interviews.

As a final note, I cannot believe how much exposure I’ve already had with potential employers.  Ultimately my goal at UW is to find a new career so all these opportunities are indispensable. In the two months we’ve been here, those of us in brand have had eleven different chances to network with companies, and there are so many more opportunities to come. It’s very encouraging to know that companies that I want to work for are looking for me!