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Will Wait Joins the Wisconsin MBA Admissions Team as Director

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Will Wait is the new director of admissions for the full-time MBA program at the Wisconsin School of Business. In this role, he leads the admissions team and is responsible for financial aid and marketing for the full-time MBA program.

The school and incoming students alike will benefit greatly from Will's enthusiasm and insight. He states, "There are so many great things going on at the Wisconsin School of Business! I view my job as building awareness of our unique program and finding people who are looking for a specialized and transformational MBA experience."

Prior to joining the admissions team, Will was the director of the Erdman Center for Operations and Technology Management at the Wisconsin School of Business. Previously, he held marketing and merchandising roles at Lands' End, Target Corporation, and Kraft Foods. Will received both his BBA and MBA from the Wisconsin School of Business and is an emeritus member of the Wisconsin School of Business Alumni Advisory Board. "I love working with students to help them realize their goals," he says.

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