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Why I Chose to Pursue a Wisconsin MBA in Brand and Product Management & How It Will Impact My Career

by Erich Schleicher Thursday, May 30, 2013

My decision to pursue a career in brand management was a fairly easy decision to make and is a result of my past professional experience. Prior to business school, I worked as a financial analyst within a large accounting firm and specialized in business valuation. Through my work, I was exposed to many different companies who experienced varying degrees of success and I witnessed firsthand the huge impact that brands, marketing, and leadership had on the success of these companies.

Personally, I wanted to pursue a career path that allowed me to a drive an organization toward success, and I saw brand management as the best means to that end. Ultimately, this decision manifested itself through my application and acceptance to the Wisconsin School of Business? Center for Brand and Product Management (CBPM). My decision to pursue brand management has significantly impacted my career outlook. In addition to a brand and product management-specific curriculum, the CBPM has provided me with a very large network of alumni and an advisory board consisting of executives at leading companies. As a direct result of the robust academics and strong network, I was provided the great opportunity to join Kimberly-Clark as an associate brand manager following my graduation in May.

My future will indefinitely continue with Kimberly-Clark, but I know that other career options will be available as a result of the many connections I have made at the Wisconsin School of Business. Without a doubt, my investment will be well worth the future opportunities resulting from my decision to study at the Wisconsin School of Business and the Center for Brand and Product Management.