We recognize that WSB’s program portfolio review has elicited questions among students, alumni, donors, and partners. The frequently asked questions (FAQs) below provide additional context on the process, outcomes, and status.

What is the next step in WSB's Program Portfolio Review?

WSB is preparing to begin a Strategic Planning Process. More information will be shared as the work commences.

Why did WSB withdraw the proposal to suspend admission to the Wisconsin Full-Time MBA program for one year?

We must acknowledge changes in the higher education landscape, from what our competitors are doing to changing student and industry expectations and needs. We must also align with campus strategies. And, perhaps most importantly, because it is the right thing to do, we must explore innovative ways/programs that enhance educational access and flexibility for all students seeking business education.

The proposal to suspend admission to the FTMBA program for one-year drew widespread and varied reaction from students, faculty, staff, alumni, donors, partners, and industry friends. We respect all our constituencies and listened to their concerns. To move the WSB forward, we must do so together and not under a cloud of divisiveness. Thus, the proposal was withdrawn. Looking forward and with broader stakeholder input, we continue discussions of the WSB portfolio and how to advance WSB’s standing.

What is the status of the Full-Time MBA now that the proposal has been withdrawn?

The program is accepting applications and will be admitting students for the class of 2020.

How is WSB communicating with current and prospective students going forward?

All current students and applicants have been notified. We will continue to recruit and admit prospective students, while fully supporting students currently enrolled as well as new applicants to the program.

Will there be any changes to the Wisconsin Evening or Executive MBA programs?

The Evening and Executive MBA programs will continue in their current form.

What will be the role of Centers going forward?

The proposal to suspend the FTMBA program was always a separate question from the Centers. The Centers provide tremendous value to WSB and have supportive and engaged alumni and boards of advisors. From a near-term view, the Centers will continue to play a role as they always have. However, the longer-term goal is to broaden the role of the Centers.

What are WSB's strategic priorities going forward? Grow BBA and/or Master’s programs? When will we know where we should be focusing resources?

We will move forward with plans to grow and enhance the BBA. We will continue to offer the MBA and MS degrees currently in place as we seek to invest in ways to strengthen the transformational experience of all students.

Will student internship and/or full-time job prospects suffer?

Our employers remain fully committed to and supportive of the full-time MBA program.

Will students and alumni be involved earlier in discussions regarding the future of the program?

Yes, it was acknowledged that the school moved too quickly without the broad consultation and discussion that our stakeholders can and should expect. We will move forward with discussions on how to grow the undergraduate program and expand the graduate portfolio while simultaneously strengthening the full-time MBA experience.

Market demands change, but will WSB evolve the Full-time MBA program to meet those demands, or just opt for a different solution/degrees?

We will continue to work to evolve the MBA to meet changing student expectations, while also exploring new degrees and delivery modes that allow the school to increase access to graduate business education and flexibility for students. We believe there is a market and a need for both MBA and Specialized Master’s and will continue to work to create high quality, leading programs in these markets.