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WSB Professor’s Research on Creativity Featured on NPR and in Inc. Magazine

by Rob Kelly Tuesday, August 25, 2015
 page moreau uw–madison wisconsin school of business creativity

Page Moreau, The John R. Nevin Chair in Marketing at the Wisconsin School of Business

Page Moreau, professor and John R. Nevin Chair in Marketing at the Wisconsin School of Business, was recently featured in Inc. magazine and on the WNYC radio program “Note to Self” for her research on creativity.

Through a series of experiments using LEGO kits, Moreau and her coauthor found that people who followed clearly defined instructions performed less well on subsequent creative tasks than people who built with loose blocks.

Moreau attributes this decline in creative performance among the LEGO kit builders to the mindset prompted by the search for the single correct answer.

“The task you’re performing right now entails a certain set of cognitive processes that are going to transfer in many cases over to the next task—whether they should or shouldn't,” Moreau says.

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Read Professor Moreau’s paper “The Downstream Consequences of Problem Solving Mindsets: How Playing with Legos Influences Creativity” in the Journal of Marketing Research.