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Time Features Assistant Professor’s Research on Prisons

by Rob Kelly Friday, June 19, 2015
 Anita Mukherjee assistant professor actuarial science, risk assessment, and insurance Wisconsin School of Business University of Wisconsin-Madison

Anita Mukherjee, Assistant Professor of Actuarial Science, Risk Management, and Insurance

Time magazine recently featured research by Anita Mukherjee, assistant professor of risk and insurance at the Wisconsin School of Business, that discovered that prisoners with similar sentences serve more time in privately-run prisons than in public ones.

The article “Privately-Run Prisons Hold Inmates Longer, Study Finds,” explains that this difference is due mainly to private prisons’ cost-cutting measure of hiring inexperienced guards who are more likely to issue violations in order to maintain authority than are their more experienced public sector counterparts. 

In fact, inmates in private prisons are 15 percent more likely to be cited for violations, which can affect parole boards’ early-release decisions.

Read the full article on Time’s website.