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Wall Street Journal Op-Ed Cites Professor Mukherjee’s Research on Prisons

by Rob Kelly Wednesday, May 6, 2015
 Anita Mukherjee assistant professor actuarial science, risk assessment, and insurance Wisconsin School of Business University of Wisconsin-Madison

Anita Mukherjee, Assistant Professor of Actuarial Science, Risk Management, and Insurance

A recent Wall Street Journal op-ed advocating for more effective incentives to improve private prisons cites research from Anita Mukherjee, assistant professor in actuarial science, risk management, and insurance at the Wisconsin School of Business at the University of Wisconsin–Madison.

In the article “Taking the Charter School Approach to Prison," Andra Ghent, a finance professor at Arizona State University who will be joining the WSB’s real estate department in August, advocates for market incentives to reduce costs and recidivism rates, citing evidence from Mukherjee’s research that shows that private prison inmates serve a larger fraction of their sentences and are more likely to receive an infraction for poor behavior than are inmates in publicly operated prisons.

Ghent argues that incentives under the current system do not reduce the number of repeat offenders. Instead, they promote increased revenue through longer sentences and cost-cutting measures, such as reduced staffing and more crowded facilities, which could increase infractions, thereby increasing the time prisoners serve.

Read the full opinion piece on the Wall Street Journal website.