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Professor Posen Comments on New Lands’ End CEO

by Rob Kelly Tuesday, April 28, 2015

A recent Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article about Federica Marchionni, the new Lands’ End CEO, reveals her decision to lead the Wisconsin-based company from New York City.

hart posen uw-madison wisconsin school of business management and human resources

Hart Posen, Associate Professor of Management and Human Resources at the Wisconsin School of Business.

In the article titled, “Lands' End CEO will call New York—not Dodgeville—home,” Hart Posen, associate professor of management at the Wisconsin School of Business, says that CEOs can make decisions from a distance but may have challenges pushing projects across the finish line.

He adds that Lands’ End employees will miss out on face-to-face encounters that provide subtle cues on how employees should respond to Marchionni.

Read the full article on The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel website. The article also appears on the Working Woman Report website and on The Telegraph (Georgia) website.