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Forbes Features Professor in Op-Ed

by Lavilla Capener Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Forbes recently featured Assistant Professor Rob Tanner in an opinion piece about product placement in television shows and how it affects later audience behavior.

In the opinion piece on ForbesCMO Network, Tanner explains that audiences are more likely to watch advertising during a TV show break if the program also featured a product placement from the same company.

“The synergistic effects that we observed in the brand-match and perfect-match cases reveal that strategic use of product placement can contribute to increased audience sizes during a brand’s subsequent commercials,” Tanner writes in the op-ed. “Essentially, by pairing their placement and advertising activities, marketers can reach a larger audience with their advertisements.”

Tanner’s findings are from a recent academic paper published by Marketing Science called “Synergy or Interference: The Effect of Product Placement on Commercial Break Audience Decline.” To read the full opinion piece, visit the Forbes website.