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Jonathan Eckhardt

Eckhardt Touts University Entrepreneurship in Op-Ed

by Lavilla Capener Friday, April 11, 2014

The Wisconsin Business Voice recently featured an op-ed by Associate Professor Jon Eckhardt on the value of university-based entrepreneurship. Eckhardt, who is also the director of the Weinert Center for Entrepreneurship, argues that most university-affiliated start-ups are not based on a technological or scientific discovery, but simple ideas from students and alumni, because universities are a hotbed of human capital.

According to Eckhardt, business schools that train students in entrepreneurial skills can make an incredible economic impact in their communities.

“An insight of the human capital model is that firms are started, grown and managed by people – not technologies,” Eckhardt writes. “Therefore, an important driver of success is the successful management of these enterprises.” The Wisconsin Business Voice is the flagship publication of the Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce.

Read the full piece on their website. (Scroll down to page 29.)