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Wisconsin School of Business Awards 35 Study Abroad Scholarships for Spring 2013

by Staff Friday, December 21, 2012

The Wisconsin School of Business study abroad office recently awarded 35 scholarships to 29 individual students for study abroad programs for the spring 2013 semester, with destinations ranging from Dublin to Singapore. The school offers several scholarships, each with different criteria that range from need-based to academic; some of these scholarships require a certain major, foreign language, or destination.  To learn more about the individual scholarships, click here.

Assisting students with study abroad is a priority for the school because it helps students become well-rounded, according to Joseph Halaas, director of International Programs at the Wisconsin School of Business.
“It's fun to talk to students when they return from study abroad and are interviewing for full-time positions,” he said. “They end up having an opportunity to talk about how they pushed themselves in new ways and developed skills that employers value.”

Wisconsin School of Business students also seek outside scholarships to help fund their study abroad programs. Three students were awarded the Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship, a highly competitive, national scholarship for undergraduate students of limited financial means to pursue academic studies abroad. The ScanDesign scholarship is for students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison who are studying abroad in Denmark; two business students received that scholarship. Six students were awarded the CIEE GAIN scholarship for those who face economic challenges, are from diverse backgrounds, or hail from underrepresented fields of study.

Meet a few of the scholarship recipients:

Name: Justin Goninen
Hometown: Mineral Point, Wisconsin
Major: Operations and Technology Management with a specialization in supply chain management and a certificate in German
Study abroad destination: Vienna, Austria
Justin GoninenWhat are you most looking forward to during study abroad?
I’m looking forward to learning how the Viennese live their day-to-day lives. I've read that society runs more smoothly in Austria: there is less crime, cities are cleaner, and people are happier. Austria's 2,000-year history of civilization has given its people well-defined expectations and roles in society. I think this subtle aspect of culture is fascinating and should prepare me well for America's corporate world.
Why did you choose Vienna?
I chose it for two reasons. First, German is spoken there. I have studied German every semester I’ve been at UW-Madison, and I hope my time abroad will open the door to fluency. Secondly, Vienna is so different from what I am familiar with. I have never lived in a big city; I haven't even traveled to them much. Vienna, with a population of nearly two million people, will challenge me in a positive way.

Name: Anna Jenison
Hometown: Hartland, Wisconsin
Major: Accounting with a certificate in Spanish
Study abroad destination: Santiago, Chile

Anna JenisonWhat do you hope to gain from your study abroad experience?
As a business student, I’m hoping that my semester abroad will help me to become more independent and creative. I will undoubtedly face challenges with language barriers and cultural differences, but I’m sure these experiences will help me be more adaptive in my future career.

Why did you choose Santiago?
I chose to study abroad in Chile for a unique reason. When I was a sophomore in high school, my family hosted a foreign exchange student for a year. We ended up hosting a wild, yet loveable, boy from Santiago. My experience living with a Chilean was a roller coaster, but it instilled in me the insatiable desire to study abroad myself. Four years later, my Chilean brother and I still talk regularly. I chose Santiago because I’ll have to opportunity to live with my brother’s family and attend his same university. I’m excited to spend a semester learning his culture and language, just like he spent a year learning mine.

Name: Eric Puls
Hometown: Wayzata, Minnesota
Major: Marketing, with a specialization in supply chain management
Study abroad destination: Copenhagen, Denmark

Eric PulsWhat do you hope to gain from your study abroad experience?
As a student, I'm hoping to gain new learning skills from the different academic structure of school in Denmark. Your entire grade is based on one test or oral exam at the end of the semester. This will challenge me to adapt to a different style of teaching and learning. I hope I will be challenged to think differently and be able to bring that mindset back to Madison.

Why did you choose Copenhagen?
I chose Copenhagen because I have heard many good things from advisors and a friend who studied abroad there a few years ago. Denmark is one of the world's top ranking economies, but also has a culture and economic structure that is vastly different from the U.S. Also, I did not know much about Denmark when I chose my destination; I thought going to Copenhagen would give me a more interesting experience than a place I know well.

Name: Julissa Oquendo
Hometown: Middleton, Wisconsin
Major: Management Human Resources and International Business with a certificate in French
Study abroad destination: Paris, France

Julissa OquendoWhat do you hope to gain from your study abroad experience?
I hope to gain a better understanding of the French culture in order to help me communicate effectively with French business professionals in the future. I also hope to network with other business students from all across the world who are studying abroad at the same university.

Why did you choose Paris?
I have always been interested in French culture. Since I was in high school, it has been one of my professional and personal goals to study in France.