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Weikel 10/25

Morningstar Director Speaks to Students and Alumni about Communication at Weikel Speaker Series

by Staff Friday, October 26, 2012

Morningstar Director Damien Conover (BBA '98, MS '01) spoke to students, alumni, and friends about communication and the keys to success in business Thursday evening at Grainger Hall.

The speech was part of the M. Keith Weikel Speaker Series, which brings in successful business leaders and alumni to speak with MBA students in order to create premium learning experiences.

Conover’s advice focused on listening and networking, as well as having a firm grasp on personal ethics and sense of self.

“I can’t stress enough the importance of networking inside and outside of your industry,” he said. “Mentors are critical in order to have people who you can search out to ask for advice.”

In response to an audience question on what Conover wished he had done earlier in his career, he emphasized building and maintaining connections.

“Networking is underrated. The more you network, the more opportunities are created,” he said. “And the maintenance for these connections is pretty minor.”

Conover also touched on ethical situations and how to react to questionable situations in the professional world.

In addition, he talked about the role his education and applied-learning experiences at the Wisconsin School of Business played in his later accomplishments.

“Having a dialogue about stocks as part of the ASAP (Applied Security Analysis Program) was incredibly helpful,” Conover said.