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Kohl’s CEO Provides Marketing Students with Unique Applied Learning Experience

by Staff Tuesday, October 16, 2012

On Oct. 3, Kohl’s Corporation CEO Kevin Mansell stopped by the Wisconsin School of Business to talk with students about how marketing theories can be applied to real-life business situations.

Mansell spoke with students in Marketing Department Lecturer Laurie Brachman’s introductory class, which provided students the unique opportunity to learn from and network with an industry leader.

The discussion focused on a broad variety of marketing topics including Kohl's formula for success, positioning the company compared with the competition, its mission, target audiences, and marketing mix strategies.

Brachman said the most profound insight for students was Mansell’s discussion on how to utilize technology in marketing strategy and campaigns.

“Technology is changing the field of marketing faster than any textbook or case study can document,” Brachman said. “Not only did Mr. Mansell’s discussion of Kohl’s Corporation’s integrated marketing strategies provide students with a bird’s eye view of how the marketing theories from the classroom are applied in real business situations, his overview of Kohl’s mobile SMS strategy provided a cutting-edge example of how new technologies are changing the face of marketing today.” 

Mansell also talked about why the company chose the segments it currently targets and how it targets sub-segments with differentiated campaigns and products, all while maintaining consistent messaging for each across mediums. He emphasized the importance of knowing and understanding consumers and discussed the company's success with online and mobile marketing because of its in-depth knowledge of the consumer.