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Chang, Luque, Posen, and Tong Improve Benchstrength

by Staff Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Wisconsin School of Business is proud to welcome four new faculty members to its lineup this fall:

  • Briana Chang joins the Wisconsin School of Business as assistant professor in the Department of Finance, Investments, and Banking. She recently completed her Ph.D. in economics at Northwestern, where she was also responsible for teaching undergraduate sections of Introduction to Macroeconomics; Intermediate Macroeconomics; and International Trade, Growth, and Development. Chang’s primary areas of interest are macroeconomics and search theory. In particular, her work addresses the impact of micro-frictions on the macroeconomics of restructuring. She has presented her work on Adverse Selection and Liquidity Distortion in Decentralized Markets before the Chicago Fed.
  • Jaime Luque joined the Wisconsin School of Business as assistant professor in the Department of Real Estate and Urban Land Economics in September. Luque, whose research interests include financial and urban economics and public and political economy, also brings a wealth of international educational experience to the table, having taught in the Department of Economics at the Carlos III University of Madrid since 2009. Of his various research efforts, Luque’s recent work on fiscal unions has been particularly relevant to the harsh realities of the Euro zone debt crisis. His other research pursuits include repo markets, re-hypothecation, bubbles, Ponzi schemes, currency squeezes, bourse structures, and societal stratification.  
  • Hart Posen joins the Wisconsin School of Business’ Department of Management and Human Resources for the 2012-2013 academic year as a visiting associate professor from the University of Michigan Stephen M. Ross School of Business. Posen, a former entrepreneur in the technology and retail sectors, studies innovation and knowledge strategy, with implications for domestic and global firm competitiveness. His research focuses on what he terms the “knowledge generation-erosion cycle." Posen analyzes knowledge erosion in the form of technological change, competition by entrants, and the enduring possibility that the innovator does not survive. He currently focuses on erosion via knowledge spillovers, examining the power and limitations of alternative imitation strategies. Posen has taught the core undergraduate course in strategy at Ross and the Wharton School, and Global Strategy and The World Economy MBA-level courses.
  • Jordan Tong, a newly minted Ph.D. from The Fuqua School of Business at Duke University, joins us as assistant professor in the Department of Operations and Technology Management at the Wisconsin School of Business. Tong’s research interests include behavioral operations management and supply chain inventory management. His 2012 paper, co-authored by R. Larrick and Feiler D. and titled Biased Judgment in Censored Environments, was a finalist in the 2011 INFORMS Decision Analysis Society student paper competition. He has presented his work before the Academy of Management, Behavioral Operations Management Conference, INFORMS, and at several business schools across the country. At Duke, Tong taught the Master of Engineering Management Elective in Supply Chain Management.

To discover more about the research and background of all Wisconsin School of Business faculty, visit the Faculty and Research page online.