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Cascade Asset CEO on WisBusiness: The Show

by Staff Tuesday, February 7, 2012

In a recent episode of WisBusiness: The Show, Cascade Asset Management CEO and Wisconsin School of Business alum Neil Peters-Michaud tipped his hat to his alma mater.

“That’s where I learned entrepreneurship and learned how to manage a business,” he said.

A passionate environmental advocate as a UW-Madison undergraduate, Peters-Michaud completed his MBA in Entrepreneurship in 1999. In 2008, he was a recipient of the Wisconsin Alumni Association's 40 Under 40 Award.

Cascade Asset Management, an IT asset retirement company, employs more than 50 people in Madison and in Indianapolis. One of the leaders in the industry, Cascade has worked with both the U.S. EPA the United Nations Environmental Project to fund a sustainable enterprise in Ethiopia that would process recycled electronics responsibly.

The Peters-Michaud interview below begins at about the 4:26 mark.