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MBA Admissions Director Discusses Value of Specializations

Tuesday, April 19, 2011, a prominent blog dedicated to providing prospective MBA students with the valuable information they need when considering different MBA programs, recently featured MBA Admissions Director Erin Nickelsberg in an exclusive interview.

As head of admissions, Nickelsberg understands what it takes to be a successful student within a specialization model and beyond. She looks for applicants with a story—an unwavering passion for whatever it is they have their sights set on. From admissions decisions to the rigor of Wisconsin’s program, Nickelsberg provides interesting insights that any student interested in pursuing a specialized MBA will find useful.

“We have people who go from finance to brand management; from marketing to finance; or from consulting to operations. The Wisconsin specialization model is an excellent platform to do that, because the depth of study that you get will make up for your lack of experience in that area,” Nickelsberg tells “The employers that hire Wisconsin’s MBAs know that.”

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