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Schweidel to Present at TV of Tomorrow NYC Intensive

Assistant Professor of Marketing David A. Schweidel was be one of four panelists featured in Interactive TV Today [itvt]’s TV of Tomorrow NYC Intensive Panel on Dec. 5.

The panel, whose theme was “Starting with a Clean Slate: Industry Experts Envision TV’s Ideal Evolution,” took as its starting point the new TV landscape in which consumers have access to an eye-popping array of video viewing options. 

The panel addressed, among other things: the kind of content viewers want, the impact of social influences and individual desires on video consumption, optimal content delivery, the state of current media platforms, TV apps’ impact on consumer experience, privacy concerns, and the implications for targeted advertising.

Professor Schweidel’s research focuses on statistical methods and models to understand individual behavior in the context of consumer relationship management, developing frameworks for behavior and financial outcomes linkages. More recently, that work has looked at social media.

The TV of Tomorrow NYC Intensive Panel is the opportunity for fruitful exchange among electronics manufacturers, technologists, and other stakeholders.

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