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Green Masters Program Helps Wisconsin Firms Measure Green Efforts

Thursday, September 2, 2010

A new program developed by Tom Eggert and graduate students in his Business, Environment and Social Responsibility program, is being trumpeted for helping Wisconsin companies more effectively measure and gain recognition for their sustainability efforts.

The Green Masters program seeks to evaluate and promote sustainable business practices among Wisconsin companies and help them get recognized for their work to cut waste and be socially responsible, writes the State Journal.

According to Eggert, the program "defines a range of sustainable actions that companies can take in these areas: waste management, energy efficiency, water use, transportation, natural resources, purchasing, education, outreach and social equity, leading to a "systemic evaluation" of a company’s operating practices." Company officials who visit the Green Master website may share their sustainable actions and receive a score, putting them in one of three levels — from green apprentice to green professional to green master.

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