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Marketing the iPad

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Apple’s release of the new iPad web tablet has generated waves of interest from consumers and industry. While some industry observers are embracing the iPad as a game changer, others are skeptical that the device some call “an iPod on steroids” really meets consumers’ needs.

David Schweidel, an assistant professor of marketing at the Wisconsin School of Business, thinks Apple should make a virtue of the capabilities provide by the iPad’s large screen. “To some extent, all the good things about the iPod will transfer over to this device. Also, the iPod Touch is a gaming device now, instead of playing on a small screen, they could say, ‘Here's a much larger screen with a more powerful processor.’”

Schweidel and other marketing experts were quoted in the article, “How to succeed at marketing the iPad” in an article on the CNN Tech Web site.

Read the article here.