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"Parenthood today is much more on display than it has ever been before," says Amber Epp, an associate professor of marketing at the Wisconsin School of Business. In a talk excerpted from WSB's "Celebration of Faculty Excellence," Epp shares her research on family identity, decision-making, and outsourcing parenthood. Read More

In a working paper presented at the August 2018 Jackson Hole Economic Policy Symposium, WSB Finance Professor Dean Corbae examines issues of competition stability and fragility in the commercial banking industry. Read More

Jirs Meuris

New research from WSB's Jirs Meuris suggests that when employees struggle financially, employers are also affected. Read More

Dan Lynch

Perennially underfunded, traditional defined benefit pension plans got a boost after the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act of 2017. What we witnessed was unexpected, not intentional, says WSB Assistant Professor Dan Lynch, and may not be around for the long haul. Read More