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Photo of Steve King, director of Executive Education

In nearly every management or leadership program I facilitate, the topic of motivation and effectively motivating other comes up in conversation. Interesting, this is not an issue unique to new... Read More

Scott Converse

Why do firms see delays in getting projects completed even when they have high-performing project managers and project management offices? Why do we see projects completed on time when there are few... Read More

Scott Converse
Managing the Project Pipeline
by: Scott ConverseThursday, October 31, 2013

A problem I often hear about in our project management courses is the struggle firms have to get their projects done on time. I expect this problem when companies first embark on becoming more... Read More

Debra Holschuh-Houden

Recently, I read a short article that highlighted the findings of the Harvard Study of Adult Development (formerly known as the Harvard Longitudinal Study, and the Harvard Grant Study, but most widely... Read More