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Debra Holschuh-Houden

In the past year I have worked with more than one family business on the topic of shareholder (or buy-sell) agreements. Some of the families have worked together harmoniously, while others have had... Read More

head shot of Neil Lerner

The Business Model Canvas (BMC) has been popularized as a tool to help start-up firms. One of the driving needs was to help emphasize that it wasn’t enough to have a product or service that... Read More

Vicky Myint thumbnail photo
Is General Management the New Sexy?
by: Vicky MyintThursday, February 27, 2014

In an episode of the BBC’s Sherlock series, his female nemesis declares “Intelligence is the new sexy.” If you buy into that concept, like I do, it’s not much of a stretch to... Read More

Fabio Gaertner

The U.S. tax code allows publicly held corporations to deduct compensation paid to top executives above $1 million only if this compensation is performance-based. As a result, corporations have been... Read More