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The Best course in Grainger: A Student Perspective

by Zirui Zhu Tuesday, January 9, 2018

You might be wondering which course is the most interesting and practical one among so many business-related courses in the [Wisconsin School of Business] at Grainger Hall. Some people may pick up the one that offers the most credits in a semester or may select the one that is relatively easy to get excellent grade. However, as far as I am concerned, the best course should be the one which is taught in a non-traditional way while still being highly efficient. This can let students get through the materials and retain knowledge faster and easier.

Actuarial Science 301, the sister course of Actuarial Science 303, is the “best” course in my heart. Act Sci 301 is a one-credit course that helps students review the materials from the past year in Act Sci 303, the Theory of Life Insurance and Interest, and prepare for the Professional Exam FM as an actuary. Students usually have classes in Room 2209, which was designed to enhance collaboration. Students are randomly split up into five groups and a laptop is provided for students to practice problems during the class. Also, students are able to talk with their neighbors to discuss the confusing questions which may help them improve their academic knowledge.

Moreover, the professor of this course, Gordon Enderle, is a benign guy. He usually begins the class with the key knowledge points in forms which are easily understandable and comparable. The most exciting part of the course is Kahoot! He would write a concept-related question on Kahoot! for students to respond within a set time frame. This allows students to judge whether they can answer the questions quickly and correctly. [Kahoot! is a technology-learning platform that allows individual responses to group questions, while maintaining anonymity.]

With time, students gradually find out that Gordon and his class are rather different from others. What he does in class is not to teach students new knowledge, but instruct students to use their knowledge to solve practical problems to help students better understand the concepts. I believe this is very important and necessary to excel the course and our future careers. His direction and instruction are helpful in solving the questions and though sometimes a divergence may happen between himself and students, he would introspect the question and follow-up with an e-mail to further explain the issue.

Therefore, if someone is going to major in Actuarial Science, do not be hesitant to choose Gordon’s 301. It is no doubt the best course in Grainger Hall.


Content was originally published in B.Line Magazine, Fall 2017 Edition, page 23.